Qui fait quoi quand comment combien pourquoi

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It's clear now. Ça coûte combien?

Why have they got stripes? If you read French literature, this is very common. Où est-ce que je mets mes chaussures? Hi Patrizia, Michel, comment va-t-il? Shrey asked: View original. I have a question : if i say 1 Quand a ete fait construire l'eglise?

Combien If i wanted to say: "how many of them do you want me to buy. J'espre que ma rponse vous aiderait. O la chaise est-elle. Ai-je assez d'argent. Joan A1. Why is je mets mes chaussures o d'habitude.

  • Shrey A1. Joan asked: View original.
  • Où est-ce que je mets mes chaussures? Où mets-je mes chaussures?

And it has the benefit of being less wordy. Elle est comment, la cantine? Pourquoi y a-t-il ce problème? Elle le contraint à faire un choix. I understand that this perhaps is a very informal spoken form for a question where the question is shown by intonation.

Why are you laughing? Yes, it is "où êtes-vous?

  • I would say the three possibilities are: Tu veux que j'en achète combien?
  • Bonne chance, Ron. Joakim asked: View original.

Claudia asked: View original! Notice that je peux becomes irregular in the inverted form puis-je, probably to ease pronunciation. Like 1 1 month ago.

Are they right. Qu' est-ce. I would say the three possibilities are: Tu veux que j'en achte combien.

QQOQCCP, Qui Quoi Ou Quand Comment Combien Pourquoi

Où est-ce que tu vas? In the case cited, it is a written, simple question, hence the question mark is the only clue that it was a question. Le cinquième W, qui répond à la question "pourquoi", s'inscrit à la charnière du récit de l'événement lui-même et des éléments de contexte qui suivent.

Related to this topic, the following response was shown to be acceptable "Où mets-je mes chaussures d'habitude?

Hope this helps. Are they right. Forgot to tick to recieve your response. Latha asked: View original. What does he want.

Is it wrong considering that question word is at the end? Rene asked: View original. Comment vas-tu? Claudia asked: View original.

Are they correct those. Missing example for que You mentioned in the inverted question form that "Note that in this case, quoi becomes que or qu" but you forgot to include an example. Navigation Accueil Portails thmatiques Article au hasard Contact. Asked 5 months ago, qui fait quoi quand comment combien pourquoi. I think I get this now, the clarification on the part of inversion really helped. Chris C1 Correct answer.

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Comment trouver un professionnel de la serrurerie Intègre ?

Chris C1 Correct answer. Où mets-je mes chaussures? S asked: View original. When are they leaving?

Where is it. Quand ouvre-t-on les cadeaux. Patrizia A0 Correct answer!

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